Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cade is 1 month old!!

An entire month has come and gone already!! I can't even believe it-the time has flown by!! Cade has been doing great-just doing what baby's do best- eat, sleep, cry and poop! Parenthood has been wonderful and of course we have those moments where we are tired and cranky and not sure what our lil' man needs from us but we just do it! Its been quite a blessing to be his parents and we feel honored to call him our son!

Cade is currently 9lbs 5.4oz, which means he is gaining about 10oz/week!! He's growing like a weed. His eyes are currently a very dark blue but I have a feeling they will change to brown one day soon. He is alert and awake more and more these days. He looks all around and is connecting with you briefly. He has yet to really smile or laugh or coo but I am sure those days are just around the corner. He has taken a liking to his play gym and swing!! Each day is a new discovery with him.

Cade is about to become an international traveler as we head to Mexico on Saturday for Casey and Sara's wedding. He has his very own passport now!

Here he is on his play gym-he def got the red eye like his aunt Traci!!

Here is a video of Cade getting worked up crying. He does this very funny snort-and I call him my lil' piggy when he gets like this-

(sorry its sideways it wouldn't let me edit this?)

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