About Us

 We are the Beauprez Family.

We got married on tax day in 2006 and added Mia to our family.
Isn't she a beauty?

We think so!!

 Before we knew it 3 years of married bliss had come and gone and it was time to add a new family member. Welcome Cade:

He is the joy in our lives and is the sweetest lil soul you will ever meet.  The reasons behind this blog are many, but mainly I started this blog when I was pregnant with Cade to share stories of my pregnancy, growth of my belly etc. While I was 28 wk preg or so we found out Cade had a condition called ACC.

"ACC stands for Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. It is a brain disorder that is considered rare. People are born with it and it means they are born without the corpus callosum (bundle of nerves that connects the two sides) in their brain. It causes many different problems, and the people with this disorder are affected very differently." 

It's a very rare condition and can affect everyone who has it very differently.  There are very extreme cases and very mildly affected cases. So far Cade seems to be affected by this on the MILD side. His only delay to date was crawling and walking. He didn't crawl until 14 months, and didn't walk until 21 months. But his speech, social interaction, and thought processes with games and puzzles is spot on, even advanced in the speech dept.  It hasn't been easy seeing him delayed in his motor skills, and we have great therapists that have helped him to get to where he is today.  Foothills Gateway of Fort Collins is a wonderful program that has taken care of all the footwork in getting Cader's ( we call him Cader's, Cader tot, Cader roo etc) up to speed with the therapists support.

I saw this posted on this blog: http://www.especiallyben.com/ and it really resonated with me.

"When you have a child with special needs, progress may be slow. It can also be unexpected, surprising and even downright mind boggling. And if you don't pay attention, it can go unnoticed."

While Cade has been affected so mildly, you just never know. We do everything we can to keep on top of him and his development.

I post about our family updates, and my hobby of photography and DIY Projects. I hope that any families out there with a child who has ACC who are reading this can find comfort and support in reading the updates about our lil guy, knowing you are not alone.
Please fill free to contact me with any questions about Caders, DIY or photography, hair or anything.
On April 4, 2013 I had a c-section to deliver our 2nd baby. We didn't know the sex so it was a big surprise, and so much fun. I'm glad Evan convinced me NOT to find out the sex. And to any parents out there undecided about finding out the sex of their child, I highly suggest you wait. It is the BEST present ever meeting your child and finding out the gender. 

Welcome baby Garris Martin!

Cheers, The Beauprez Family