DIY Projects

I have always enjoyed art and crafts and producing things with my hands if it was baking, drawing, painting etc.  Once we bought our house I became a fanatic about decorating our home, but within a reasonable budget. While I love the styles of Pottery Barn, Pier One type places it wasn't always within our budget.  So I had to get creative, and roll up my sleeves to get a lil dirty and do things myself. I hope that you find some of my tutorials on these DIY projects useful to you in your decorating endeavors.


DIY art using old shoe box lids instead of canvas:

DIY art using your kids name:
White canvas and chip board letters painted blue

DIY bows:

DIY chair recover:

DIY Silhouette picture:

Chalkboard paint an old picture frame:
no tutorial but I used chalkboard paint on the glass from an old frame.

DIY Painted pumpkins:

DIY no-sew camera strap:

no-sew DIY Bold stripe curtains for $25:

DIY dressing up any curtains on the cheap:

My All time Fav Canvas Artwork:

10 minute DIY canvas art using Fleu De Lis DIY stencil:

DIY Ampersand stencil art on canvas:
no tutorial here, I just printed from the internet an Ampersand I love, cut out, placed on canvas and spray painted gray.

DIY canvas art for under $20:

DIY Tie Dye AKA save your kids clothes project:
If you have a child you know that stains on clothes is enevitable. But what I did to save my most fav t-shirts of Cade's was to dye them. They sell dye for cheap and it beats buying new clothes!

DIY ABC art for kids room:

DIY number art for kids room:

DIY toilet paper art:

DIY art for the kitchen:
Spray painting silverware decor

DIY Rehab for the metal file cabinet:

"Wash your Hands" sign for the bathroom:

DIY Artwork "Family Tree"

DIY "Love is spoken here" sign:

DIY decorative Earring Holder: