Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4mo pedi appt

Cade had his 4mo pedi appt today. He is 14.3lbs, 25 inches. He is near 45% for weight and height for his age group. Dr. Hull was impressed with all of his skills including head control for "a head of his size" (his head is 75% for his age). He received two shots and a cocktail of something to bring him up to date on all his immunizations. She didn't think we could start rice cereal until he is more interested in watching us eat. At this point she felt he was too young. She did say that he is teething, two teeth on bottom and one front tooth so that could be why he is crancky and waking every hour during the night time. She suggested Tylenol. She also said once they hit the 13-15lb weight they start to sleep through the night (STTN) so it my time should be coming soon. Starting Tuesday lil Cade has become a chatter box. I think he is understanding that he can actually make sounds by choice, not by accident. He is very chatty these days and its adorable. Mia, our golden retriever has finally taken an interest in Cade. Two days in a row now she has joined him on the floor while he plays in his floor gym. Its quite cute!
Those are all the updates that we have for now,

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