Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oops Cade is 7mo+ now....

So I have been slacking and haven't updated on baby Cade. He's doing just great, He is holding his own bottles, mastering sitting up on his own, talks, laughs, and smiles up a storm. He has eaten bananas and avocados and eating baby food 3x/day now. His sleeping habits are still really good and overall he is a very happy baby! He is working on getting his 2nd top tooth right now which will be a total of 4 teeth, two on top, two on bottom~big boy. This month he got to see his great Grandma Burger, meet my friend Allison, go to Steamboat Springs for the weekend, try celery and eat his 1st lemon, the evidence is hilarious! Here are some pics of him over the past month....enjoy


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