Monday, March 21, 2011

Loving my days off!

So my work has cut our work week to 4 days, which is awesome but its a pay cut too so its bittersweet. But I have been lovin my time with my guy. So far our hours have been cut for Feb, March, and now April. At least the weather has been nice for buddy and I to get outside. And now that he is walking that is all he wants to do it go outside and WALK, WALK, WALK.
Here are pics from our day in the park that is just outside our back gate! It was 74 degrees here today~beautiful!

Cinkle nose guy: he was telling me "Cheese!!!!"
Juice break: 
Playing with a stick: 

I love the look on his face here...he's clearly had enough of the picture taking:
He tried to stand up after he fell down but he's not there yet..... that will come soon enough:
Still tryin:He's a very determined guy this one
He needed a hand after much effort
Kisses and sunshine, what more could we ask for?
Made my day that is for sure:
the sun was so bright we could not open our eyes for this self portrait:
And then he got up all on his own! and he's off! Look at him trying to keep his balance like on a surf board! 
Go CADE!!!
 Even Miss Mia enjoyed herself!

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  1. So fun that you have a day at home just you and Cade....I am sure you cherish that! He is such a little dude Carrie! Those cheeks could not be more squeezable and kissable!!! Adorable