Sunday, March 13, 2011

DIY decorative earring holder

Gosh I am on a roll with these DIY posts, so lets keep 'em coming! So a few months ago I got fed up picking through my miniature earring box so I decided enough was enough, I was going to get my earrings organized bc I already have my necklaces on hooks on the inside of my closet. To do this project you will need the following:
1 picture frame the size of your choice the one I got was $5 at Ross
1 page of newspaper or dictionary, I used dictionary pages bc Its what I had on hand, FREE
Glue, which was also FREE bc I had this on hand, I think I used my hot glue gun!
1 area to cover the frame of window screen material, I also had this on  hand, FREE, but you can buy at any home improvement store for $5-8 for an entire roll. We happen to re-screen our back door due to our golden retriever, Mia. [IMG_5340.JPG] Isn't she precious??
Anyhoo, I removed the glass from my 8X10 picture frame. I then glued a piece of 8X10 screen material to the back of my frame. Once that dried I cut out my dictionary page to also fit the back of the 8X10 frame.
Viola, this is it!
The screen material is made up of teeny tiny squares that are used to hold the backs of the earrings.


  1. Love it Carri! And the canvas too!

  2. Really!?! I LOVE THIS. This is awesome! :o)