Saturday, September 3, 2011

More couponing success, FREE items!

I'm finally getting a handle on this stuff. Following blogs and ads has really helped me stay on track.
Today at Target I got the following:
Degree travel size deodarant=FREE
Tide travel size detergant=FREE
Cascade 3ct action pack=.09
Oral B Floss= .39
St Ives travel size body wash=.45
Revlon nail tool=.89
I got so many great travel size items for my upcoming trip to FL this will be great, and Free
I bought some other items NOT on sale so my total savings % was only 31% today.

And yesterday I scored 73% savings @ Walgreens:
They had Precision Fusion Razon on sale for $9.99 I had a $4.00 of mfg coupon plus $4.00 off Walgreens coupon making this 5star razor $1.99.
I also scored some hair serum by Chi for only $5.99 on clearance from $23.00.

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