Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall time, my fav time of year

A few Sundays ago we took Caders up to Rocky Mountain Nation Park. Luckily it happened to be a FREE day so we got to tour the park w/out paying the $20 car fee. The aspens were gorgeous! As Cade was napping on our drive up we decided to head all the way up to Timberline. Whoa, the altitude was hitting us hard. And of course Cade woke up at that point. So we walked around briefly, but we all got pretty light headed. We headed back to the car for a picnic of sandwiches and fruit and crackers that I had packed. On our trek back down we found a gorgeous stopping point of yellow aspens and some rocks, or mountains as Cade called them, to climb on. He had a blast, he felt like such a big boy climbing the "mountains" aka rocks. We tried to get our picture in front of the yellow aspens but Cade didn't want to be held so the picture is well...disaterous! But its a sign of the times so, oh well.

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