Saturday, January 7, 2012

Make your own bread day!

Last night we had dinner with our good friends, the Lynch's.  Heather had made this awesome loaf of bread and I thought for sure it was a "take and bake" style from Kings....nope she made it herself! She told me how easy it was to make and to keep on hand up to 2 weeks in your fridge making up to 6 mini loaves with this one recipe! SOLD, I ran out to Kings today to get the 3 ingredients, Flour, Yeast and Kosher (coarse) salt. DONE.

Super easy, super good and great to keep on hand. Thanks Heather for introducing me to this artisan style bread! Love it.

(this is not my pic-from bread website above)
Flour: $2.62
Yeast: $1.79
Kosher Salt: $ 1.99
TOTAL: $5.77 
I have a lot of flour and a butt load of Kosher salt left for my next batches.  I will need to buy more yeast however.

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