Sunday, March 11, 2012


Another great weekend for the Beauprez Fam.
Friday night we spent at the Brubakers watching the CSU hoops game with some chili and beers.
Cade loved playing with his friends but took especially well to his buddy Carder.
Saturday we got up early and made some Oatmeal choc chip cookies to take to Denver.
Cade loved helping prepare these!

Saturday evening we were at my sisters house celebrating her, mine and my mom's bday.  

They have a German Shepard, Grey that you would probably be very scared of if you saw IRL,
But, Cade and Grey are BFF, may not look like it here though-YIKES
This is all editing....I just thought it looked super scary.
Here is the original image of Cade playing catch with Grey, LOL

scary right?

Grey, couldn't be any sweeter with Cade, and since Mia doesn't fetch, Cade just loved this!
I took it upon myself to make a mini photoshoot out of the brick background in my sister's backyard.
I know he's my kid, but he looks like a model baby here!

gorgeous Grey! 
Great pic of Ev! 
Ev took this of me, he hates my big movie star glasses, I love em. 

Ev took this one outside of PF Changs where we stopped for lunch today.

We had a wonderful weekend and hope you did too!

Cheers, Carri

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