Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DC and anniversaries

As a surprise I decided to book us a trip to DC to see our friends, Casey & Sara. Ev's bday is at the end of April and on April 15th it was our 9th wedding anniversary.  Needless to say we walked about 7 miles a day and saw as much as we could in 4 days. The weather was perfect, only storming at night and windy the last day. What a beautiful and clean city with so much to see.
a lot of snoozing on the way there at 7:30 am

the subway stations are so awesome underground

ev pretending to know which route to take, lol

the cherry blossoms were on fire while we were there.

ev taking in the sights.

so much history in one place, it's hard to believe.

Ev buying yet another subway ticket. We seemed to always have trouble loading our metro cards up

lots of walking on this trip so comfy shoes were a must.

the town where C&S live

did I mention the tulips were also on fire??

so much beauty in every single detail of these buildings

a spot in the capitol building where you can hear every word being said from across the building due to the ceilings and acoustics of the room, pretty cool

raising their hands bc they could hear the man in the blue seat say in a whisper "if you hear me raise your hand"

I can't believe this close cost $180 way back then! WOW

the library of congress, where Casey works

Casey & Ev

Arlington Cemetery goes on for miles and miles.

we watched the changing of the guards

after they swap out they chill out in this tent, they monitor and change guards every half hour, 24/7 guarding the tomb of the unknown solider.

the Prime minister of Canada happened to be there that day so they were lighting off a canon right near us. It was so loud we jumped!

Peace out D.C. It was fun, and we plan on visiting again.

Cheers, Carri

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