Sunday, February 22, 2009

Decorating the nursery...

This weekend we got the dandelion wall decal put up. I think it looks great:
The gray color in this 2nd pic is more accurate of what it looks like IRL.

This is the view from afar (don't mind the mess its a work in progress) but you get the idea.
We plan on hanging up the baby's initials onto these canvas' that I covered fabric this is the fabric I choose: We will hang them above the crib.
And who knew Ev was so creative but his idea was to cover each initial with something diff. I had planned on just painting them green. His idea was to cover the B with the newspaper from the day the baby is born. Cover the middle initial in a map of Fort Collins, Colorado. And to look up the meaning of the baby's first name and print it in all diff fonts and colors and use that to cover the first initial. I think its such an original idea and can't wait to get it done. So far all we have is the B and we will have to wait to find out the rest!

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