Sunday, January 15, 2012

I got myself a lil gift!

Super excited about my new lil gift to myself. I found this baby on Craigslist for $45.  Its regularly priced at $100 and it was only used a few times. Has all the pieces and manual and I am so excited to get working on it. My mom had her old Kenmore sewing machine that is about 100lbs and all metal heavy duty machine. Bless her heart she had it tuned up for me about a year ago and the bottom stitching has never worked right. It makes a mangled mess of thread and has just never worked for me. Plus being that its so old with no manual its not as user friendly as some of the newer machines.  I hated having to tell her I was going to buy a new machine since she want to all that trouble to one save the machine this many years, and two get it all tuned up for me. But I think she understood. So we went to check this machine out together on Saturday and I snatched it up. 
Now what to sew.....I have a few things in mind:
I have some khaki work pants that are wide leg and while that was in style once they just look too horribly BIG on me. I think my body shape has changed too so I'm not loving how they fit me anymore.  I think I will attempt this.
And also how to make some skinny jeans bc lets face it they are hard to find for my body shape.I have a wide tummy area (:(boo) and short legs, and wide thighs so those skinnies just don't come in my shape.
But I have some existing jeans that are boot cut, older and if I screw up won't be too sad that I ruined the pants, but I think this sounds easy enough.

Cade has some adorable GAP jeans that have holes in the knees so I thought about fixing them up like such-except I will keep the length and not make them into shorts.

Oh if only I had a lil girl....I have some friends with lil girls so perhaps these will make cute Bday gifts for them. So cute and sounds simple enough for me!

Super exited to get started but nervous too.....bc lets face it I really do not know what I'm doing.  Too many projects not  enough time!

Cheers, Carri

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