Monday, June 1, 2009

19 days and counting, that can't be right???

OMG scary now only 19 days or so until Baby B arrives? Howcan that be right? We spent so much time longing for this baby and now the time is nearly here. This is all becoming very real and scary. Of course I am excited to meet this lil one and be a mom, but its scaring me too. Our lives are changed turning back. But I guess we knew that before we got to this point didn't we? I go to my Dr thur to see if anything is going on as far as labor and developments....I suspect she will tell me nothing but I can hope she tells me the baby is coming! I plan on packing our hospital bags this week. The rest of the room and house is ready for Baby B....I have no idea on what else we need to buy or do to prepare for this so I think we are ready. I find myself at BRU each week buying new things or returning things I decided I don't need. Its overwhelming the amt of "stuff" that you need. I will update on Thursday after my appt.
Oh I added two last pics of Baby B from our last US. Last week baby was weighing in at 6lbs6oz.
The last pic is funny bc Dr was pressing down with the US wand on my belly and baby's lips look silly!

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