Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cade is 4 months old!

My Baby will be 4 months old on Friday! He is growing so quickly. He is measuring 25 inches, and is about to roll over it seems. He can get up onto his side on his own and its just a matter of time before that leg kicks him over onto his tummy! Check it out:

He's pretty proud of himself as he smiles from ear to ear:

He looked so grown up wearing his shoes this week and a pair of jeans:

He is still sleeping in the bed with us as he is feeding a lot during the night still and mommy needs her rest. At a few points this past month he woke every hour to feed! YIKES. Its still averaging out to be 3-4x's night though. He has started to giggle, esp when you lift him above your head-he LOVES that. And I love the sound of his giggle so my arms are getting a great work out these days!!
Cade goes to his 16 week appt next Wed at which point we will get stats on his weight and height. I am guessing he's about 15lbs though!
Cade is doing great at daycare adjusting to his new toys and friends around him. He's overall a pretty good boy, happy and content most the time.
We will keep you posted on all new developments with our lil' guy. He's a true joy!
Look @ Ev's lil' mini me!


His eyes are still BLUE, a dark navy's hoping they stay blue!

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