Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cade is 5mo old!

Well Cade's SECOND bottom tooth has now surfaced as well. Poor baby is fussy face, but oh so cute! I can't believe how much he is changing. He is "learning" how to sit up with some help. He can hold his own for a few seconds and its only a matter of time before he's on his own~big boy! Since he is teething he has been introducted to Sophie! He love's her and so does Mia! You will see from the pics. You will notice this set of pics has a 70's feel to them. I was trying something new and got carried away with the looks of this new editing tool!
Enjoy Cade @ 5 mo old today!!
Meet Sophie:

Mia is very protective over Cade & Sophie!
Look at my teeth!

Baby feet-who can resist:

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  1. What a sweetie!!! He is just adorable and your photos are great! (Devon recently met Sophie as well and loves her, too :) )