Monday, December 14, 2009

Cade is 6mo old

6mo Stats: Healthy baby boy got his flu shots and other immunizations today
25% for weight-16.6lbs
50% for heigth
75% for head size

I am late posting this but baby Cade is 6mo old! He hasn't quite gotten the hang of rolling, he can roll to his side pretty well but not totally to his tummy yet. He likes to sit up with some help and play with his toys. He hasn't gotten any more teeth yet. He is liking rice cereal more and more each day. Cade is also still loving sleeping in his own crib and gets a good night rest only waking once or twice per night! HOORAY He goes to his 6mo pedi appt on Wed where we will get his stats on heigth and weight. I will update then. Here are the most recent pics of our lil guy-for the most part is a very happy and content lil man. You will notice the red marking on his left brow, its a small marking that should subside by his 2's.


  1. He is getting so big Carri! What a sweet boy :)

  2. So those cheeks and eyes! Great that he is in his own crib....that is the best feeling!