Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cade is 11 mo old!

Just one more month until our lil buddy is one year old! We call him "buddy!" I can't believe it. What an amazing year it has been now that we have Cade in our lives. He is doing great. We stopped using the bottle and have transitioned into a sippy/bottle combo. He is eating more and more table foods vs. baby food. Infact he had his 1st "cake-cake" or pancake on mothers day, he loved it!! He took guppy swim classes this past month and is a natural in the water watch out Phelps! He also completed his 1st 5k via stroller with mom, dad and nana!! We spent one weekend taking care of his 2nd cousins Maddox and Tucker. We all got to go to the butterfly pavilion and Dave and Busters. Cade loved the interaction with his 2nd cousins who kept him very busy. His nana has been in town taking care of him this past week, so that Evan can get some much needed stuff done to the house. I'm proud to say Cade said his first word...he said BALL! He can also wave hello now too! He has learned to "dance" also by moving his head back and forth, its adorable. See the video below of his "dance moves!" We moved him into his big boy car seat this weekend as he finally out grew the bucket infant seat. We spent Mother's day at the Hilton for Brunch with Nana and me, it was a beautiful day. Check out buddy's outfit for Mother's day, its sort of Harry Potterish looking don't ya think?? LOL

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