Friday, April 16, 2010

Our lil'man is 10Mo old

I can't believe our lil man is 10 mo old already. It makes me so sad to think my lil guy is growing up so fast, but at the same time I am so proud of him and how much he has grown! Cade has had a wonderful month! He is starting to eat more "real" food and loves beans, rice, green beans, cucumbers, avocado, basically anything that WE eat, he wants! He is so interested in what we are doing and eating he wants any part of it. We are slowly trying to break his bottle habit and introduce his sippy cup more frequently. Which I see as a problem already bc he is so comforted by his bottle. He is such a lil charmer, I "think" he is learning to DANCE, he shakes his head from side to side as if he is trying to dance. We are trying to encourage him to bear weight on his arms and get into crawling position more. At the present time he isn't interested in doing that as he gets discouraged by the weight on his arms and tends to roll immediately onto his back~go figure. He also isn't loving tummy time so getting him to stay in crawling position is also a challenge. Although, this week after a few week of truly working with him on his crawling I placed him into the crawling position and he stayed there for at least 4-5 minutes with no fuss. So I could see he was already getting stronger and more comfortable with the crawling position.
He continues to say "da-da" and clap on demand. He is learning to click his tongue and imitate you laughing as well. Check out pics of our lil' Cade from this past month: And its official SPRING is here: We will attempt to grow our own veggie garden this year....

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  1. Cant believe how big he is cute! Emmy did not ditch her bottle till she was 14 months, she like Cade LOVED it! We started with the Nubby sippy's then and she has been bottle free since. Too funny about him not wanting to put weight on his arms for crawling...all in time. Em did not crawl until she was 12 months and walked at 15....late bloomer :)