Friday, July 9, 2010

My baby Cade

My baby under a vanilla sky about 2 weeks ago, beautiful lighting!

As you can see he wasn't happy

Eventhough he's technically 1, he's still my baby!! Cade's new thing this week is saying "hi" and "bye" as you may enter and exit a room. He waves as he does it and has started to put the cell phone up to the side of his head and says "hi". I say the side of his head b/c its not really up to his ear. Its hilarious. He has the softest lil voice and loves to see that he is interacting with you as he says "hi" and "bye". Everyday as I leave for work I say bye to Ev and see ya later, and Cade chimes in to say "bye," Its adorable and makes it easier to leave that he's not crying as I'm out the door!

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