Friday, October 29, 2010

Cades "1st" updates

Cade has had a lot of 1st's lately.....some great, and some NOT so great.
Last week we attended my father's funeral so he had his 1st funeral. It was a very sad time for me but he was a trooper and I was so thankful to have Cade's presence with me to cheer me up and take my mind off everything. Once we got home we had a meeting with the Daycare provider, Rhonda. She is awesome and we are doing a "trial" run with he on Wed bc that is the only opening she has until April. So until then the amazing grandparents will continue to watch our guy. Cade loved seeing all the other kids at Rhonda's and while the visit was short and sweet, Cade CRIED as I peeled him away to go home. I guess that is good and bad, LOL.
While at Rhonda's I noticed Cade was getting UP and DOWN from this one toy. He hasn't been able to get DOWN until this day. So sure enough we get home from Rhonda's and suddenly Cade no longer needs our help getting down WOW! He's a quick learner this guy. He's always fussy and reluctant at a new skill but WOW once he gets it, he gets it! And now our lil guys is ALL OVER the place bc he no longer needs help doing anything except standing and walking solo. But I am sure that is coming soon too!! watch out!
Poor Cade got sick on his 1st day of daycare and after only 3 hrs he had to come home. Cade has this very obvious "head tilt" when he is pukey sick and the morning of daycare I noticed it but thought nothing of it bc he was just so happy! So off he went to daycare....WRONG! he was throwing up sick at daycare and slept and moaned all day as he came home to spend the rest of the day with dad. If you don't understand what I mean by "head tilt" take a look at the pics, this is what we mean> and while we have mentioned it to the Pedi and Neuro Dr they don't think its too odd, just a comfort thing or inner ear comfort for him to tilt his head.
So we will try Daycare again NEXT week. wish us luck

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