Friday, October 29, 2010

The loss of a parent.....sigh, no one said it would be THIS hard!!

Growing up, or even once you are an adult, you never imagine the actual day you will lose one of your parents....but that day has come for me. Oct 19, 2010 my father joined the heavens above and left us behind. He is no longer suffering from his battle with cancer and is in peace above us all watching proudly. Although death will happen eventually, in all our lives you NEVER imagine it will be your parents!
Even though the distance between FL and CO was great, the closeness my father and I experienced via phone/email/text etc was stronger than you can imagine. I am proud to say that my father had such a profound voice in everything that I did. If I was facing a big obstacle in my life it was my dad that I called to get his wise words. Whether he agreed or not he would talk me through anything in a way that made me really think it through. He was simply amazing, in everything that he did!
I learned so much more about my Dad once I attended his funeral. I learned how influential he was to coworkers, family and friends. I learned that not only his knowledge on just about EVERYTHING was brilliant but so was his Faith and encouragement to others around him. As I sat and watched all these people who were complete strangers to me speak about my Dad I realized that WOW not only was he brilliant at being a father but he was so much MORE than that and to so many other people as well! How cool that I had this man that influenced so many people raise me, he was my Dad! My dad was so brilliant in fact I almost don't even have words to describe him.....and to that it makes me sad that I will no longer experience that brilliance, or hear his strong words. All that I have is my Faith that I share with my Dad and that will connect us forever, and to that I am thankful!
I can hope and pray I can be an as influential and an amazing parent to Cade, that my dad was to me. I know he instilled it in me to do the best that I can, now its up to me to implement that into everything I do.
I am so grateful for the short time we had with Dad on our last trip to FL just a month prior to his departure. He was able to meet our sweet baby Cade for the 1st time. And in looking at this picture of Cade and Pee-Paw he looks so very happy!! I love you Dad and feel so blessed to be your daughter, that you were able to walk me down the aisle, that you were able to meet our son and be apart of our lives.....We will miss your presence, but will carry on all that you taught us. XOXO

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