Sunday, October 10, 2010

Updates on our lil guy

Cade had a neurology appt at Children's Hospital last week, and I am so pleased to report that it went AMAZING!! So good in fact that Dr. Parson's does not need to see us back for ONE YEAR!! We couldn't be happier that our lil guy is doing so well. Dr. Parson's was very impressed with Cade's vocabulary, demeanor, movement, thought process etc. She wasn't worried that at 16 mo he was not walking yet. He's always been a lil behind the curve on things given his DX and head size, but she was certain he would be walking within the next few months or so! The Dr also told us given his DX we have things on the 'easy side of the spectrum' when it comes to ACC and how varied the outcomes can be. We will continue our therapies OT and PT every other week until we get this man walking and running! I wanted to keep everyone up to date and thank everyone for the continued prayers, love and support! We have an amazing lil guy on our hands!!!

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