Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cade is soon to be 18 mo old

Cade winking and drawing on the kitchen chalk board
Cade drinking from my water bottle
Dad and Cade during story time

Cade will be 18 mo old this month! He's growing up so quick~ the recent up dates on Cade are that he recently graduated form once a week therapy to twice a month! We now meet OT once a month and PT once a month. He's doing so well. Cade has also voluntarily decided to use his walker toy more than not. Before he sort of resisted and did it bc we encouraged him to but now he can crawl up to the walker, stand up and cruise 'round and 'round the house. Its great. I see a new found confidence in Buddy like he will stand against the couch and let go and just stand there. Now he's not balancing 100% on his own yet but he's confident enough to let go is the point. We even caught him going between the ottoman and the coffee table by letting go of both as he transitioned between the two furniture pieces. So its things like that which are becoming more common with Cade. He's picking up a few words a week also. His latest is Pretty or "pwetty" and tree and his favorite of all is CAR as he says "vroom". He is in love with Cars! We took Cade to the ophthalmologist today also and all good reports there also. So all in all Cade is doing great once again, and we couldn't be happier with his continued progress. Below is a video of Cade dancing and singing Karaoke

cade walking with his rider toy (sorry its sideways)

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