Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Cade this yr and last yr with Santa:

Pre and Post haircut: WOW it was time!
Oh wow I can't believe its that time of year already! But we are in full swing here at the Beauprez household. The tree is beautifully decorated, and filled with presents below, we have been so blessed! The stockings are hung and the countdown has begun! I think we are more excited for Xmas for Cade is than he is, of course he's only 18 mo old so I don't think he gets it year will be even better. But that doesn't mean Mom, Dad, grandparents, Aunts/Uncles can't get excited for him! We can't wait for Santa to appear with a really COOL gift that Cade requested! We went to see Santa last weekend already, following our 1st hair cut! What a cutie pie Cade was sitting so nice in his fire truck seat, watching Elmo. Which by the way he has learned to say and identify on his own as he watched sesame st on Sunday~smart boy!
And let me end this post by just saying what a beautiful sky we have had lately. I woke up one morning to the Moon and the Sun together!
We wish everyone a very happy holiday season and to great things in 2011!
~Cheers, The Beauprez Family

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