Monday, March 28, 2011

Another DIY project-"LOVE IS SPOKEN HERE"

I recall the 1st time I ever entered Evan's Aunt Martha's home she had a cute saying displayed on her bookshelf that said "English is spoken here." It was very fitting bc her entire family were teachers or in the education system and appreciated the English Language and using it properly. I still recall my hubby correcting me when I would say to our dog Mia[IMG_5340.JPG] : "mia lay down" he would promptly say "its lie, lie down, not lay down." Ok gotcha, I have never made that mistake again, LOL. Anyhow what does this have to do with this weeks DIY project, well while googling (I heart google) "images of cute sayings" I found a saying that said:
"LOVE IS SPOKEN HERE" I was sold. I needed to do something with this definitely!
So while we are re-painting our kitchen and changing out old decor and adding some new things I decided to paint over this French looking plaque I had hanging in our kitchen. I simply painted it a tan color that I already had on hand so that was free. Then I printed the image out on my home printer-FREE. 
Then I adhered the image onto my painted plaque and added a layer of my fav, Mod Podge
Mod Podge CS11218 8-Ounce Glue Fabric
Viola, And this is the finished project.  I placed it in our window right in front of the kitchen sink. I think it turned out cute.

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