Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long time no post

Cade thinking he's sneaky getting his hands on a box of snack bunnies! I love how he turns to look at me as if he's asking if this is actually OK!

Me happy boy!!

Hello, sorry for the delay in posting lately, I guess life took over. I can't believe our baby boy will be 21 mo old this month:( Cade is doing fabulous! He isn't walking solo yet....but he prefers his walking toys and scaling the walls to get where he needs vs. crawling. He's becoming more gutsy by letting go and standing for a few seconds or taking 2-3 steps between the furniture. We know he has the skills and strength to walk its just a matter of time for him to build up that confidence to just take off that we are waiting on at this point! He is a talking machine. I can't even begin to tell you how many words he knows now. He is starting to piece together 2-3 words at a time also. He has this one push toy that sings TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR and he always chimes in and says "up above...." So the other day I said to Cade "what's up?" He immediately said "above" so he was reciting the "up above" lyrics to the twinkle song. He is so clever. Cade is also starting to tell us when he's hungry, what he wants to eat, when he's pooped. Smart, smart lil guy we have here. He had a bout of sickness a few weeks ago, one week it was pink eye, the next it was double ear infections but Cade is back! He has been so happy, and had a big appetite since he got over his illness. We are very proud of our sweet baby. (the other day I said to him "hi sweet baby." and he responded in a mumbled mess of words but you could tell he was repeating it back to me by saying "hi sweet baby!" cutie pie). Here are some pics from today, I was messing around with shooting in manual mode on my camera why Cade snacked and played in his room! Last week at Cade's therapy session with Jessica his PT she was asking if he was understanding his puzzles with different shapes. And our answer was Yes, he loves his puzzles. So we said Cade where is the circle? he got it and placed the circle into the circle slot and then on his hands and knees he began going in circles on the ground. Not only did he know the shape but he knew how to go in circles! I know his grandma was working with him on drawing circles last week so that must be where he picked that up! Go Cade!!!!
Cheers, XOXO the Beauprez family!

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