Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cade's Life

This morning Mr. Cade woke up with his 2nd bout of PINK EYE yuck! Ev has it also in both eyes though. Its a good thing today was my day off work bc I have two sick guys on my hands.
So far today we had breakfast, play time, Cade caught up on his WOMEN'S DAY magazine, had a yogurt and fruit for snack. And of course Mia waited patiently at the bottom of Cade's highchair for some snacks for herself. And now watching Sesame Street! Gotta love Elmo. Cade enjoys taking it all in while sitting on the stool that his "Bompa Jerry" made for him. What a cutie, Minus the pink eye in his right eye.
Can't resist this profile pic!

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