Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflecting back on ACC (2 years ago to now)

WOW has it been 2 years already?  When I look back from the moment we first learned of Cade's ACC (which was 2 years ago this month I believe) to now I am amazed at how well everything has actually turned out despite my constant worry and wondering mind of "what-if's".   Maybe you recall my original post about Cade's condition known as ACC (agensis of the corpus callosum)
I continue to research his condition to find new research and findings, we have entered a study in California, I follow other family blogs on their children's development with ACC, and we continue to seek therapy for Cade to help him to stay on top of everything. The worry has never subsided......sigh.

There was a time a few months ago that I could easily have cried weekly over the fact that our son couldn't walk yet...and in certain social situations with his peers it tore my heart up to see. But none the less, Cade was a very happy boy, and that is all that mattered. I always said "if only he could walk, I'd feel so much better about everything." And now that day has come and while I do worry less bc he is keeping up with his peers more or less now, I do still worry about what his future holds.  Will he do well in school, will he continue to keep up with his peers socially and physically, will the kids accept him if he does things slower or differently?  That constant of worry and wonder has never left my side unfortunately, and I suppose maybe it never will.  I suppose that just comes with being a parent, right? I'm guessing most parents have these same worries whether their child has a disability or not?

But looking at how blessed we have been, and at how well Cade has done despite any DX is amazing to me. When I think about the science behind ACC and that Cade is actually missing a portion of his brain and can continue to function as anyone w/out a missing part of their brain would function is simply amazing!! The brain can do some crazy things and compensate in other ways that are beyond our understanding. I feel sometimes as if Cade has defied the odds of the typical outcome for ACC. Maybe I am just being bias bc I am his Mommy but I truly think he is one case of a handful that has shown how unaffected he really is by his condition.

Another thing I noticed looking back these two years since learning first about ACC, and finding the Angels Around the World network for individuals with ACC, I noticed how many MORE families have joined the site:  At first it sort of saddened me, but then as I thought more about it I felt grateful to have found this community of other families that can relate to what we are going through. Technology today has led us to each other and its a great support to have bc ACC is not that common afterall. 

I don't know what prompted me to post this other than the fact that ACC is somewhat on our minds day to day, some more than others. I like to bring awareness to the topic bc again its not that common but it is real! And to possibly offer support and optimism to any other families out there who are reading this and can relate to these struggles whether their child has ACC or any other developmental disabilities. You are not alone.
XOXO, The Beauprez Family

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  1. Thanks for posting this Carri...I think of you guys often. It is amazing to see what Cade has accomplished in just two short years, you have given him the world and the sky truly is the limit.