Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DIY kitchen updates, looking back

I mentioned previously that we were in the process of repainting our kitchen and updating some things. When we originally moved into this house nearly 6 yrs ago our kitchen was red. Oh how I always wanted a red kitchen, and while I loved it those 6 years it was time for a change. Something that brightened up the kitchen and brought it up to date so-to-say.  Here is what we had to work with from day one since we moved in:

AFTER: we painted the cabinets
love the faux wood counter tops!!!
These pics are AFTER we painted the existing cheapo cabinets WHITE. They were brown and dingy and dark.
So our 1st step about 5 yrs ago was to PAINT our counter tops. Looking back we either did a shotty job or the product we used stinks. I think at the time it was before they even made countertop paint like such:
<em>Rust-Oleum</em> Specialty 1 qt. Satin <em>Countertop</em> Coating Tint Base, 182703  
So I am starting to get an itch to re-do the countertops again. My hubby would kill me if he knew this, shhh......
So here are pics our original process of painting our faux wood countertops

as you can tell from the next pic we also added tin ceiling tiles to cover up the hideous brown existing tile.
notice the new faucet head also! NICE.
Oh we also covered up the existing linoleum which was also hideous and old, we used DIY linoleum tiles that were peel-n-stick over our existing flooring.
I also painted our entry into the kitchen with chalkboard paint which our son Cade Loves!

We also updated the hardware on the cabinets:
So this is what we have been living with for the past 6yrs, as we updated things here and there throughout the years. Its okay but it wasn't my dream kitchen but it was our 1st house so we have lived and learned.
Here are the pics of the new paint color in the kitchen. The trim part above is a dark brown.
The new wall color is a creamy coffee color, NO MORE RED! (don't mind all the crap everywhere)
And here you see the old picture I had hanging in this spot that I just re-did (see http://beauprezfamily.blogspot.com/2011/04/diy-tree-art.html for on that project). 
This is the color scheme now: FYI the lighting was at night and not the best. The colors are a brown, and creamy brown coffee color.



  1. Love the new color! I also love the decorating tips, DIY projects and before/after photos....keep them coming. Decorating is my favorite hobby, if only it was not so expensive!

  2. It looks so great Carri! I love to see the progression - awesome job!