Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who says you can't eat well? ME!

I have been doing my research these past few weeks between Sunflower Market, Sprouts and King Soopers. And I can tell you from research I have found that Sprouts has the best most competitive prices for fresh produce.

Now I only shop at Kings these days if an item is on sale that beats the other two stores, or I am in dire need and don’t have time to make the trek across town to go to Sprouts.

Today for instance I got these items at Sunflower and Sprouts on my lunch break:(I went were the sales were):

Week of Aug 1 grocery bill:
Bananas .59lb
1Grapes .88lb
1Cantaloupe .88 each
1Cucumbers .50each
4Green pepper .33 each
1Eggplant .88 each
1Artichoke 1.69 each
3Grapefruit .59 each
2Blueberries .88 each
2Strawberries 1.50 each
6 corn .33each
1Chx tenders 3.97 @1.88lb
2Chx thighs 5.24 @50% off sale
Total: 25.95

I price compared @ King Soopers after work and found that what I purchased would have cost me $12 more at KS!

This amt of food should last us at least a week if not two,and its healthy stuff too! If I could get away with only spending $30 a week I’d be saving a ton. I mean typically when I was going to Kings on my weekly trips I was spending $100 each week. I do expect from time to time to spend more when we need  bread, TP or diapers but that is what the coupons are for that I have been clipping! So I highly recommend Sprouts for your weekly deals. And don't forget Wed are double ad savings days. Meaning a new sale starts each Wednesday but they sales overlap on Wed so you can take advantage of double the deals if you plan right!

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