Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My boys, My life!

Cade recently got a special package in the mail from his nana. It was a much wanted TENT. It actually is supposed to fit over his crib too which is pertty cool but we have just been setting up "camp" in the LR rather. Cade and Daddy loved it, Ev even fell asleep in it, regardless that he didn't quite FIT into it.
Cade has his "cars" tent and chair! He's a car's dude!

Notice Evan sleeping in the background!

Cade decided to get silly and wear his pants on his head!

And just a few days ago I came into the bedroom and found this:
And then this another day. Cader tot loves to get "milk, snuggles and SHREK" in our bedroom. Its a daily occurence here at the Beauprez home.  I constantly try to entice him with a new movie "cars" or "toy story" but he always wants Shrek and we only have Shrek 2 &3 on DVR currently. YIKES. I think I could seriously recite every single line to those movies. Still great enteratinment for kids and adults! And how could you resist the snuggles with this guy? 

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  1. He is so cute Carri! Love the tent and Evan sleeping.. LOL :)