Saturday, August 6, 2011

DIY ABC canvas art for kids rooms for around $20:

I’ve been in the process of updating Cade’s room (I will post pics of the finished project once it’s completed). Now that he is 2 I decided it was time to part with the pastel greens, and blues and time to make the room a “big boy room.” After all when he was born we didn’t know his sex so we had to decorate his room pretty gender neutral!

So last night we made an ABC canvas art piece using chip board letters. I had never heard of these until I saw them at Hobby Lobby.
K&Company Glittered Twinkle Type Chipboard to Go 2.5" 80/Pkg Silver

So I purchased 3 different sizes they sell in packages of A-Z for about 4.99-2.99 each package. I also bought 1 oversized A and one Z to begin and end my piece with a bang.

Next I choose a bright complimentary color to paint my entire canvas, I chose the color OJ.

The placement of the diff size letters was crucial so it flowed nicely. My hubby helped me with the layout as he has a great eye for that type of thing. I was excited to have him actively participating in this craft for Cade. As we were doing this project together I thought it was funny that Evan said “this is an educational piece” here all I thought was it was super cute, so double bonus that it’s educational too! We think very differently can you tell?

Once we decided on the layout it took me an entire episode of “Jersey Shore” to paint each chip varying colors. I went between dark blue, gray, black, red. I allowed them to dry over night and used a tacky glue to attach them to the canvas.

This is the finished project all for about $20 (not including paint colors and canvas bc I already had those on hand).

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