Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-11 much history behind this day. So many families broken apart, lives were lost and our country has never been the same. This is a very somber day for many of us. This day also brings another layer of-sadness for me and my family, as 9-11-49 was my Dad's birthday. This is the first birthday since he's passed away. And when I think about that we are just shy of a year since we lost him on Oct 19, 2011. I can't believe so much time has passed and I still miss him dearly. So much I wish I could share with him, about our darling love, Cade. About his progress and development. Share with him my progress with my photography business and other photography tips. I would have called him today on his Bday and said as I said every year to him, and he would say to me on my birthday "so, do you feel another year older today?" In which he would reply "yes, a whole year older." My Dad was a very wise man, and I am sure most would say that about their father's but I mean my Dad was really, really smart! He knew something about everything and loved to learn and get his hands dirty doing anything he could. He'd often reflect on his birthday as a countdown to the end of life. Sounds somber I know but in theory it made sense. Instead of saying I'm another year older, he'd say I have probably 15 birthdays left, as a countdown so to say. His example to me was this: Suppose he would live until he's 77 or so. Each year was one less Xmas, or Birthday or Anniversary he would have. He explained this to me a few years ago on his Birthday. And ever since then I have thought about dates like that also. Its helped me to appreciate the small things in life more, and I try to remember to not take things so seriously, all the time. It taught me to appreciate that Birthday or Anniversary even more so.  He was a wonderful man who shared his birthday on this now historic date. He will forever be in my heart! Love you Dad.  I will say all these 9-11 shows and commercial tributes are bringing me to tears on top of the fact that its my Dad's birthday. Today is a very emotional day and the commercials aren't helping...but they are beautiful!
Today was a great day for me to spend some one-on-one time with my lil' doll face, Cade. (Ev went golfing with some friends who are in town). I took Cade to Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins today. His Na-ma and Bompa met me there. Cade loved seeing the horses, cows, goats, sheep, ducks and chickens. He got to drive on the tractor and go down the slide. I was surprised he even pet the goat's ears. 

so this on my new fav website: and so fitting for today!

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