Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh Cader-tot

I realize I have been on a rampage of posts about crafts and DIY house projects. But in reality its because Cade is doing so well there have been lil to no updates on him. Things have been going so well in fact that his OT, Kim said today that she thought a lot of his skills (speech and hand eye coordination) were advanced at 30 month skill level. Cade will be 30 months in December, WOOT!  The only thing he is not yet doing for his age is properly jumping. But she think part of it could be that he is a safe nature d kid, much like his momma!
Just this morning he told me as we did our daily routine of morning snuggles and milk, "I want to watch Shrek  wheres the remote?" This kid is sharp. Also this morning as I was putting on my "morning face" in my hand held mirror he glanced over my shoulder into the mirror and said "that's mommy and Cade!" He can count 1,2,3 and then skips 4 and very often just starts couting 5,6,7,8,9,10, so smart!!!  Ok one last brag from today, I said to him tonight "you did it"to something he was doing and he said "I did it!" he knew to transfer the "you" to "I" when he spoke. Really brilliant if you ask me. 
So anyways after his OT appt today Kim, the OT called me and said she had been discussing Cade's progress with Foothills Gateway who facilitates all this therapy appts and she suggested that come December when we re-evaluate his IFSP (individualized family service plan) plan that we may be able to eliminate appts all together or cut back to every other month even. So we have some things to consider over the upcoming months. I think that we will continue the therapy as long as its offered just to keep up on Cade's development, but may cut back a bit. So as you can see things are going great here at the Beauprez home. 
We have our yearly Children's Hospital Neurology appt the day before Thanksgiving. We are really not worried and feel it will be a great appt, and I'm excited for Dr. Parson's to see how well Cade has developed this past year. Its been one whole year since we've been back bc he's doing so great!
Cade has his ophthalmology appt with Dr.Arnold on Sept 29 but again we suspect no changes or negative outcomes there.  Will keep ya posted. 
Cheers, The Beauprez Family

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