Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I love, for kids:

If your house is anything like ours then you know brushing teeth is quite the battle. And for unknown reasons the toothbrushes disappear quickly in our house. I think once I let Cade have free reigns of the brush he runs off, and in the midst of getting myself ready for work, the toothbrush gets chucked somewhere. So anyways. I was at Target stocking up on toothburshes and ran across this light up brush. It lights up for one mintue (the length of time your child should be brushing, yeah right, a minute is forever when you are 2!) At only a $1 each it was the least expensive option and the best choice if you ask me. This thing is genius and what's more is Cade loves it! I also had a $2.00 orabl B coupon so I got an Oral B brush for .29! I informed his Nana that this would make a great stocking stuffer, more for mom and dad but oh well. Check this brush out if you haven't already.

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