Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Refashioning toddlers jeans

We all have some toddler jeans that have the knees blown out, I have multiple pairs. And I just couldn't allow myself to part with these GAP jeans. They are super trendy soft denim and have adjustable waist line and perfect for Cade. So I took one of Evan's old stained up striped polos and cut it up. Used the fabric to sew in some patches by hand. I didn't get to use my new handy-dandy sewing machine bc it had to be done by hand. Oh well, it only took a few minutes and I think they turned out great. The torn up knee/patched up look is still in right??
We have gotten so many compliments on his trendy jeans that people thought I bought them this was. Bawhhhh!
Don't be so quick to throw out those old stained shirts or ripped jeans, its all use-able or fixable!

Cheers, Carri

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