Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To bangs or not to bangs.....

That is the question.....I had bangs about 8 years ago and looking back at pics of me I think it looked good. And over the years I have just grown out my bangs to the point that I can tuck them behind my ear. I recall it being a huge annoyance to me that my bangs would be in my face all the time. Especially at work looking down at papers etc.  But as I have aged I am noticing more wrinkles (BOO) and thought maybe if I got bangs it would help hide those oldness marks of mine....
So I have obsessively been looking at pictures of bangs-would mine turn out this well or would I end up regretting it??
Its just hair, it will grow back so why am I so scared. 

I do NOT want my bangs like this however:
Ok while we are on the topic of hair changes I have also been contemplating doing the Ombre "look"  The last time I went to get my hair done I added no new highlights only low lights. So my hair is a lot darker than usual. I"m just tired of redoing the roots so often that maybe this ombre look is what I need to still have  a touch of blonde.  WDYT?

OR Maybe this??
Um hells no, JK

Oh decisions, decisions....where to begin. Maybe one thing at a time starting with ombre, I don't know how good bangs would look with dark bangs and blonde tips.

Cheers, Carri

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