Saturday, February 11, 2012


Our weekend morning started off like this:
Not so great, Cade wasn't happy for anything. Everything we offered for breakfast was "no I don't want yogurt, no I don't want cereal, no I don't want banana." I love how he said complete sentences though! bwwahh. Either way it was a rough morning.  He was very fussy and we didn't know what do to with him
except to give him a moment to collect himself.
It was one of those huffing and puffing cries where you can't even catch your breath so it sounded like "I.....wa...nt.....Mom...mmy" so sad. 

enough said.

Either way he snapped out of it fairly quick so he became Mr. Charming:
 Enjoying watching the big snow flakes come down this morning! Mia enjoyed it also!

Hoping the rest of our weekend is filled with more fun!

Cheers, Carri

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  1. He is so cute Carri....such a big boy now! They grow!