Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY wreath for under $1.00

I love wreaths but not for the costs they're sold for at the craft stores. After much pinning on Pinterest I decided to give it a go. For under $1.00 if it went wrong it wouldn't be a big loss.
Instead of buying a wreath frame I cut out the center of a large paper plate that I already had.
Next I purchased 4 pieces of craft paper on sale at hobby lobby for .88 total. I chose a basic striped paper so it's not entirely festive but will fit in nicely once we get our holiday decor is up.
I created my own leaf shaped stencil from an old cereal box and cut and traced 60 leaves.
Then I pinched and glued the tips of each leaf 60 times.
Next I glued and arranged the leaves along my wreath frame (aka paper plate). The only pattern needed was keeping them all in the same direction as you make your way around the frame.
I really liked how it looked but decided to add some texture of a sage colored burlap that I already had on hand. I only cut out about 10 burlap leafs and placed them randomly on the wreath.
To bring a more holiday feel to the wreath I tied a pinecone to hang in the center. The pinecones here in Colorado are easy to find so I had a collection of them already.

I think I will continue to change out the wreaths for each season and use the blue canvas to hang it. I used some twine to let it hang in the canvas. I like the natural fibers and texture of the twine but you could also used ribbon.


I added a holiday glitter snowflake to the wreath just for Xmas.

cheers, Carri

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