Sunday, January 13, 2013


We decided with the arrival of Baby B we need to "revamp" some things
here at home.
My poor mom who has been a wonderful helper to us over the years,
bless her heart has been sleeping on our couch when she comes to visit.
Technically we do have a 3rd bedroom,
but with Ev working from home, its his office.
And baby B and Cade will be sharing a room, we really had nowhere for guests to stay.
We decided it was time for a new couch but with a sleeper!
I'm super excited about our new purchase.
Sadly, it won't arrive for 8 weeks
(just before baby B arrives).
But I'm so glad my mom will have a comfy place to sleep now.
Ours won't be this big, we did a chaise and the center piece (2 seater)
in this "platinum" color.
this is the configuration we decided on:
I was able to get two coordinating pillows to go with it.
But still on the hunt for a few more, bc lets face it pillows are cuddly!
With a new couch comes other new purchases.
Now our chair/ottoman combo doesn't match,
and while it was a hand-me-down its time to trade it in.
We're thinking a recliner of some sort but nothing purchased yet.

Cheers, Carri

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