Sunday, January 13, 2013

pinterest, love or hate?

What 30 something, woman, mother, crafter, blogger isn't addicted to Pinterest??
I've discovered so many great ideas to some not so great ideas.
What brought me to this post was that I recenly tried some "all natural"
granola bar "breakfast cookies" made with apple sauce, oats, mashed bananas all baked.
um, yah, not a fan at all. I wish I had never wasted my time.
But it's trial and error. You gotta sorta weed out the good and bad.
I did recently discover after a red stain on Cade's white shirt
had been washed but not bleached and no stain remover.
(I think the hubs was "helping" with laundry that day.)
I was determined to save this white shirt.
The kid had only wore it twice!
(shame on me for buying a 3.5 year old a white shirt).
I found a great mixture of bleach, hydrogen peroxide dawn soap and baking soda did the trick.
Hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash, yeap it works!
my mouth feels super clean after a fizzy swish of Hydrogen peroxide.

I also found out that fighting oil with oil works!
Our stove hood was nasty until today!
I've also tried several diy laundry detergents but this one is my fav by far:
and white teeth, yes I'm obsessed with this!
And this recipe really works, I use it daily
what are your fav pinterest finds??
and what should I steer clear of??

Cheers, Carri

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