Sunday, January 20, 2013

Maternity photos

With only 10 weeks to go, it was time to do maternity photos! yippee
Of course, I put my photo partner Adrienne to the test.
And she did a fantastic job!!
It was so fun to spend the afternoon together being creative and doing what we do best.
I'm certainly not used to being in front of the camera though.
I love how they turned out nonetheless!
Its been intersting to see how our styles, and skills have grown over the years,
comparing my mat pics from Cade to now.
This is afterall, how Adrienne and I met- by taking mat pics of each other 4 years ago!



I love the intimacy of this moment between us!

BIG ol' belly shot:

Cade loved "talking to the baby" with the soup cans!




we can't wait for your arrival baby B!!
Cheers, Carri

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