Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ok, with only 13 days left until Baby B arrives I am getting a lil nervous.
I dunno why.
I think I'm scared of the sleepless nights I know are ahead of me, the intense feeding schedules that comes with breast feeding, having enough to love and care for two kids, having enough time for Cade and my husband, the pain after a 2nd Csection, going back to work. 
What else?
Well I guess that sums it up.
Is this normal??
I'm hoping so.
I'm really trying to soak in as much Cade and Evan as I can.
Tonight just Cade and I went to Chic-filet for dinner.
He played in the jungle gym,
followed by ice cream cones.
And they had this cool craft time to make a musical instrument and play the drums.
So we def played with that too!
Next up was bath time.
I was so excited to give my (our's-Adrienne and I's) new lens a try!
Bathtime was a hoot tonight for me and Cade!

I can't believe this lil dream boat is all ours!
And soon we'll have another lil dream on our hands!
I know the second I see Baby b no 2 sweet lil face
all my fears and nerves will disappear!
Cheers, Carri

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