Saturday, July 27, 2013

mom to boys

Well it's sinking in.
I'm the mom of two boys.
I may not get that girl, and that's ok.
I love my boys.
We're coming into our own forming a routine with our new addition.
I even found Cade playing with Garris today.
Granted they were playing "house"
and Cade was the Daddy, while Garris was the Mommy -LOL.
 Cade being such a boy playing power rangers
Garris watching him in wonderment.


at one point Cade threw a lil fit bc I wouldn't let him have my phone,
see he's not always a happy go lucky boy!
We have our moments that's for sure!

Despite this pic being a bit out of focus I love the look on his face!

my boys playing "house" in Garris' jungle gym, lol

Despite their 4 yrs age diff I love seeing them interact.
Garris is super interested in Cade.
And seeing Cade wanting to play with Garris, well it melts my heart!
My boys, my life!!

Cheers, Carri

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