Thursday, March 19, 2009

3rd Trimester here we come.....

What, 3rd trimester already? Wait, where did the time go? At first I wanted things to hurry up and progress past all the scary unsure times. But now I find myself thinking are we ready, we have so much to do, there's not enough time. Regardless, as each day ends a new one begins I become more and more excited for the arrival of this bugger. I am growing bigger each week, and the baby is more and more active. Kicks, movement, jolts off and on all day and night-its wonderful! Its the most original feeling I have ever experienced that is for sure.

Next week is my 28 wk appt and my diabetes test. I am not worried about that and look forward to more eventful Dr appts to come. Seems like the past few times have been nothing but measuring me and weighing me. I thought it'd be more eventful ....guess I was wrong.

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  1. So fun! Is that the blood test next week? I failed that darn thing and had to sit at a lab for 4 hours and get blood drawn on the fun, but I passed that test. I agree....some of the 2nd tri appts are not as fun. Now comes all the fun :) Cant believe you will be a mom in 3 short months!