Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passed my GD test!

Today I had my 28 wk appt. I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors. She said to keep eating and doing whatever I am doing. She said my weight and BP was right on track. Nothing eventful happened at the appt. I start going to see her every 2 weeks now until I am 36wk and then once a week after that. So we set up all my appts until end of June. Can't believe this is coming up so soon. Only 12 short weeks left.....
We had a snow day here in Ft. Collins. The weather earlier this morning was a bit more intense than it actually is now. Its still flurrying a bit but not much more is accumulating and the roads seem fine-just slushy and wet. So its probably back to work tomorrow.
This weekend is my Birthday weekend. Ev has planned a dinner out at his parents house and my mom and sister will join us. My Mom's Bday is the day before mine so we have always celebrated the day together. I'm excited to see them both.
Ahhhh and this week our first shower gift arrived. My sister and Michael got the stroller we wanted and it arrived at the house on Wed. We promptly put it together and cruised it around the house for a test drive. Now its folded up in the nursery waiting to be used!

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