Saturday, March 13, 2010

8 mo old photos

Baby Cade is 9 mo old today! Check out what he's been up to for the past month! He is sitting really well unassisted. His 6th tooth surfaced today, thats a total of 3 on top and 3 on bottom! He is eating baby food, rice cereal and yogurt 3x's a day. He loves to hand feed himself Puff Snacks. He can stand with assistance of course, and has learned a few new "words." He seems to babble using different sounds than just "et dah" or "da-da". Of course as I type this all he is saying is "da-dah-da-da-dah!"

Cade can clap his hands when you ask him to, he can roll from tummy to back like a pro-roller! He can get in the crawling position with some help although he still hates tummy-time so no telling if he will ever be a crawler! We introduced a sippy cup to him although he still prefers his bottle over the cup. He is a great eater, sleeper and a very charming baby boy. His bright blue eyes light up any room!
This month he got to see his Aunt Traci and Uncle Michael, his Nana came to visit several times also. His grandparents who live locally come by to see him weekly. He is spoiled by all the visitors and love that he gets from everyone! Nana even bought Cade his 1st pair of Nikes!!

He attended his cousin Ellia's 2nd B-day party which he loved! Unfortunately his great grandma Burger passed away this month but he was so thankful he got to visit with her one last time.

He got to swing in a big boy swing at the park, he loves to go for strolls in his new stroller and now that the weather is nice he just loves being outside.

Cheers~ The Beauprez Family
Video of Cade Clapping:

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