Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cader's updates

Just a quick update. Our lil guy is doing great. Crawling all over, pulling up to things, gaining strength. You name it he does it. He is suddenly repeating everything you ask him to say also. He can say Kitty, shoes, puppy, baba, cheese, up, down, mama, dada, hi, bye, baby, ball. You can be saying something like "hi puppy want dinner..." and you can ask him "say dinner..." and he will surely try to say "dinner" its not all that clear sounding but he tries. He can also pick up on what you are asking him to do: IE: get your ball, he will pick up his ball, get your milk, he will find his sippy! His motivation to 1st crawl was the laptop and Ev and I each have our own and suddenly today after he kept trying to get mine I remembered I had an old lap top on hand from college! Genius! so now we all have our own computers, check him out on his blackberry and laptop! This is def a thechy kiddo!

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